April 30, 2012

Dear Grandma Great,

I've been thinking A LOT about you lately.  Maybe this is because you loved this time of year.  You loved the warm air and the fresh, newly mowed green grass.  Your favorite chair quickly became the rocker on the front porch and we would stay up many nights way past bedtime watching the light fade into the night.  I miss you so much it hurts at times, but I smile when I think about you and Grandpa together again.  I can't believe it's been a whole year since you last sat on the porch and laughed with us.  I wish so badly you were here to hold and cuddle Oaklee and Fisher, you would've loved them so much.  They are such cute, sweet HAPPY babies.  Perhaps that's because you were the last to kiss them goodbye before they joined us here.  Lucky me I had the sweetest dream with you in it the other night.  You were happy and I knew you were happy.  And then I woke up the next morning and my mom reminded me it was your birthday.  Thanks for the present on YOUR birthday.  Don't know why but I feel you so close at times I think maybe if I squint a little harder, I'll see you.  I even sometimes wave to you when I run in the mornings and I like to think you wave back.  :)  (I probably look pretty silly to my running partner, but anytime I see a yellow butterfly (so many yellow butterflies I lost count last run, true story) I know you're there somewhere.)  Caleb, mom, dad and I had such a sweet experience in the temple the other night doing your work.  But I'm sure you know that too.  I'll never forget it.  Keep sending those butterflies.  Love you MORE.  xoxoxo
P.S.  This was the view as Caleb and I walked hand in hand around the temple the other night. This almost looks as pretty as a Kansas farm sunset.  We laughed and talked about you.   The longer you've been gone, the more I seem to appreciate the woman you became.  Miss you!


Jessie said...

What a sweet post Lauren! I'm sure your grandma misses you too! This reminds me of Elder Scott's talk from last conference...it's a great one :) Glad you're doing well! Can't wait for San Francisco!!

Suzie Bishop said...

Oh Lauren I know these feelings too well. I miss Grandma Montana so much. Love this post. Im sure Grandma Great is around and listening.