April 30, 2012

Dear Grandma Great,

I've been thinking A LOT about you lately.  Maybe this is because you loved this time of year.  You loved the warm air and the fresh, newly mowed green grass.  Your favorite chair quickly became the rocker on the front porch and we would stay up many nights way past bedtime watching the light fade into the night.  I miss you so much it hurts at times, but I smile when I think about you and Grandpa together again.  I can't believe it's been a whole year since you last sat on the porch and laughed with us.  I wish so badly you were here to hold and cuddle Oaklee and Fisher, you would've loved them so much.  They are such cute, sweet HAPPY babies.  Perhaps that's because you were the last to kiss them goodbye before they joined us here.  Lucky me I had the sweetest dream with you in it the other night.  You were happy and I knew you were happy.  And then I woke up the next morning and my mom reminded me it was your birthday.  Thanks for the present on YOUR birthday.  Don't know why but I feel you so close at times I think maybe if I squint a little harder, I'll see you.  I even sometimes wave to you when I run in the mornings and I like to think you wave back.  :)  (I probably look pretty silly to my running partner, but anytime I see a yellow butterfly (so many yellow butterflies I lost count last run, true story) I know you're there somewhere.)  Caleb, mom, dad and I had such a sweet experience in the temple the other night doing your work.  But I'm sure you know that too.  I'll never forget it.  Keep sending those butterflies.  Love you MORE.  xoxoxo
P.S.  This was the view as Caleb and I walked hand in hand around the temple the other night. This almost looks as pretty as a Kansas farm sunset.  We laughed and talked about you.   The longer you've been gone, the more I seem to appreciate the woman you became.  Miss you!

March 30, 2012

friday night date night- i love you lots...

...especially when I get to break out the spring clothes for the first time in a long time.
And even more so when the cheesecake factory is involved.
And a way over due catch up night with great people is in the mix-up.
And when I feel like Sunday was the last day I played let's have a real conversation with my man- oh time where do you always go?! It's okay if you decide to stand still for tonight!!

December 31, 2011

So Long 2011

I seriously can not believe another year has come and gone.  I still remember New Years Eve 2000 like it was yesterday.  I had a rocking sleepover with all the neighborhood besties.  We stayed up all night waiting for the world to end, ate pickles, and banged all of my mom's pots and pans.  Who does that?!  Oh man were we cool.  :) I love the end of the year.  I feel like my life hits a pause button for a small moment to reflect on all of the happenings of the past year.  And as much as I thought my life was bliss as a 13 year old girl back in 2000 (which it was) I now realize my life is more perfect than it has ever been.  I am one lucky girl.  Here's to all of the should have been blogging moments of 2011.  (new year's resolution 2012, show some much more needed blogger loving)

 Girl's Favorite Things 2011.  Epic this year.   D went all out and reserved a condo in Midway.  I'm pretty sure we'll have to fly to Bora Bora next year to beat this year's weekend. 
Mom's favorite thingssss = hand crafted jewelry keeper frames, charming charlies, shower spongie, and the list goes on....   She forgot we call it a favorite thing and not things party, I think we'll just call her Oprah now.  D's favorite = Tommy Girl and a yellow butterfly magnet.  Tender moment.  Aubrey's favorite = 101 things every kid should do and a journal to track our doings.  So fun.  Erin's favorite = Gorgeous framed vintage photos of the temple.  World's greatest thrifter at her finest.  Love the picture!  Shay's favorite = super cute earrings that every girl in my school wants.  My favorite = Purse with a copy of the parable of the purse, and a love letter from our lovers to go in our purses. 

We loved this house so much that we wanted to pose in front of it.  On a side note, we saw a lot of deathly looking runners go by as we were snapping away.  I asked my mom if we should offer them a ride home.  Then we found out they were on mile 99, yes 99, of a 100 mile race.  I was humbled.  And I don't know why they turned down a car full of cute girls but for some reason they opted to finish the race rather than get a ride home.  

The best husband in the universe scored some serious bonus points for writing this letter.  My mom asked us to share our favorite sentence without getting emotional, yeah right!!  And yes his cursive is better than my typed papers.

Life changing experience. So lucky to be a part of Oaklee's grand entrance.  Enough said. 

Friday, February 18th, 2011.  7 days before she found out heaven is for real.  I totally agree when people say you don't know what you've got til it's gone.  This was the happiest I've ever seen my Grandma.  Too bad the night had to end, but wow I am so so grateful that Caleb and I for whatever reason decided to spend our entire Friday night in Grandma Great's room.  Not even all the riches of the world could buy a night like that one.

The husband's wish for me to have a little more fun with Halloween came true.  He even let me pick out his costume.  My intent was for us to be Jesse and Norman from A River Runs Through It.  Caleb's new wish is for me to never pick out his costume again.  My bad. 

I ran the hardest most fun races of my life. 


 Caleb figured out why my childhood vacations to Kansas really were as good as I say they were.  

My job has exponentially increased on the DILY scale.  Best job ever. 

Porter showed his killer bball skills to my kids.  They dubbed him the next Harlem Globetrotter in the making.   My students still fight over who gets to play with the personally autographed yellow Porter basketball.  He's that cool.

Caleb is definitely the favorite around here.   For some reason whenever I show up alone I instantly get the where's Caleb question kiddo attack.  

And he is thinking of switching his major to expert wood crafting maker person.  I think he should opt for the host of what not to wear. 

 All of my family in the same picture.  Say what?!  Oh wait, we've added two more since!!  Freaking love all of them. 
 Went to the game wearing one color, came out cheering for a different.  Still so fun though. 


Caleb and I thought it would be so cool to give Emry a bunny for her birthday.  I don't know if her dad thought the same.   He babysat that bunny while Emry was on vacation, and meanwhile the bunny died.  Emry has since told Caleb and I over and over that if she ever goes on vacation again, we get to babysit her bunny.  Want cool presents for your kids?!  Invite us to their parties, you'll love us so much afterwards.  Just kidding Mike, you really aren't that bad of a bunny babysitter.  Some things just take time.  :)

I saw Seth a.k.a. my most favorite cousin ever twice in the same year.  This blue knight is the bomb.com.

I overly loved living only five minutes away from the sister's house.  Starbuck's vanilla steamer cravings and baby snuggling wishes love it too.

And best of all, I got to spend another perfect year with the man of my dreams!!

2011 you rocked!!!
And I am so excited for 2012. Bring it!!